WinS (Wash in School) Program

In accordance to Office of the Undersecretary for Administration (OUA) MEMO 00-0821-0109 MEMORANDUM, “ADOPTION/INCLUSION OF THE COVID-19 CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT MATERIALS ON WATER, SANITATION, AND HYGIENE IN SCHOOLS (WINS) PROGRAM TO DEPED’S INVENTORY OF INFORMATION, EDUCATION, AND COMMUNICATION (IEC) MATERIALS FOR SAFE REOPENING OF SCHOOLS” Rivera Village Elementary School is dedicated in promoting proper hygiene and cleanliness in and out of the school, to our learners. We make it a point to instill the necessity of personal and environmental cleanliness among our learners.

In solidarity to this program the school provided soap, alcohol dispensers, face masks, and trash bins with proper labels, to ensure that in every single day, learners are practicing proper hygiene.

Aside from the provided materials, proper disposal of wastes was taught to the learners by the teachers. Furthermore, to supplement what we are instilling in our learners and school personnel, we sustain the cleanliness of the comfort rooms, and corridors. We ensure that the canteen conforms to the proper handling, preparation and storage of food.

Parents were invited to seminars regarding healthcare for their children. We provide information about the importance of deworming, proper vaccination, etc. These seminars were conducted by our school nurse.