by Renelyn T. Pinapit

Rivera Village Elementary School holds its annual State of the School Address (SOSA) in the new normal last September 6, 2021 through face book live. Amidst the education must go on to prepare the young generation to face life on their own in the future. As an institution that advocates quality education Rivera Village Elementary School continuously adheres to be able to serve its client to the best it can be. It soars to reach out all school age children to be in school by having lot of programs to improve not only its facilities but the quality of service it can give to everyone.

Mrs Anicia E. Monton the school principal delivers her SOCA by giving emphasis on the following aspects of School profile. With regards to enrollment rate amidst the pandemic there was a dramatic increase from SY 2019-2020 from 773 to 842 male enrollees and the number of female enrollees increased from 729 to 821. For the school health and nutritional status, in the current school year,16.16 percent (137 of 848) of the male learners fall outside normal health status while 10.67 percent (87 of 815) of the female learners fall outside the normal health status. In terms of performance indicator (ACCESS) drop-out rate, the dropout rate of the school for SY2018-2019 is 0.24 percent or (4 out of 1663) as compared to the dropout rate of SY 2017-2018 which is 0.13 percent or (2 out of 1502). The most pressing caused is financial-related factors. Relatively, the performance indicator (governance) about learner-teacher ratio is that the grade level with the highest learner to teacher ratio is grade 1 with an excess of 15 learners per class as compared to the recommended pupil-teacher ratio. For the learners’ materials (books) the grade level with the highest percentage of available learning materials is grade 1 with 67.29 percent as compared to other grade levels. The average percentage in terms of availability of books is 36 percent. The teachers’ highest education attainment in the current school year, the highest educational attainment of most teachers is Masters’ degree (Units) with 30 out of 46 or 65.22 percent of the total number of teachers. For the performance indicator (Quality) Literacy level (reading) school awards and recognition the school was able to bag 10 awards for the different contest in different subject areas and category held by the Division of Pasay City for the current year. In addition to governance regarding the learner-classroom ratio, the biggest class size is on grade 5 with an average class size of 42 followed by grade 2 with an average of class size of 37 learners. Currently there are lacking seats for some learners. The learner -seat ratio is 0.74:1, with a lacking 438 seats for the whole school. While there are currently lacking toilets for some learners. The learner-toilet ratio is 64:1, with a lacking 7 toilet/s for the whole school. Majority of the toilets in the school are used exclusively according to learners’ gender. In the funding source the biggest source of school funding came from the local government unit (LGU) funds amounting Php 4,303,450.00 or 65.93 percent of the total fund source. For the promotion rate, some of the grade levels are having 100 percent promotion rate. Conclusively, for the status of school projects: status of AIP for the current year, the school proposed 4 major projects as included in the AIP. There are 2 projects completed and 2 projects in proposed, ongoing or cancelled status. The total percentage of accomplishments for the completed project is 50 percent. In relation to this, for the stakeholders’ participation, stakeholders of the school showed significant contributions and participation in different programs and activities. The most common general partner types are the Public sector and the Private Sector. As to the specific type of partner the Private individual and LGU- Municipality are the top contributors. And the type of contribution commonly given to the school is Advocacy Support. The total amount generated by the school from the different stakeholders is amounting to Php 1,010,253.00.